Spinal Decompression

Providing you with advanced treatment options is always our goal at Hoover Health & Wellness Center, Inc. and Dr. Edwards provides exceptional care to each one of his patients. One of the key services we offer is spinal decompression.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression is a type of therapy designed to stretch the spinal column. We do this using a traction table. The procedure is not painful, but it can help to reduce back pain, leg pain, and other types of debilitating joint pain you have. This is a non-surgical procedure that’s done in our office.

The technical goals of spinal decompression are to create a negative intradiscal pressure - to lower pressure in the disc. More specifically, we’ll work to reduce the compression of the spinal column’s vertebrae on the discs that sit between each of these bones. These fluid-filled discs work to provide a cushion between the bones to reduce any nerve pain. However, over time, these discs become compressed due to misalignment of the spinal column. This causes inflammation and nerve pain. Through decompression, we can reduce that pressure.

In return, spinal decompression will help stimulate healing and reduce inflammation in the treated area. Your body’s natural healing goes to work and sends nutrients to that area, working to speed healing and minimize pain signals.

Using Spinal Decompression to Treat Pain

Spinal decompression is often used by Dr. Hoover to treat pain. When you visit our offices, we’ll work with you to understand the type of pain you have. We’ll gather your medical history and listen to your symptoms. After a thorough examination, we may recommend spinal decompression therapy to you. It is often recommended for patients who suffer from:

  • Back pain, including lower back pain
  • Sciatica, or nerve pain in the legs
  • Hip or knee pain
  • Herniated disc or bulging disc
  • Neck pain from disc injury
  • Degenerative disc pain

You’ll find that this procedure may help you to start feeling better in a short period of time.

What to Expect

During this procedure, you will lay on a motorized table. The lower half of that table is able to move. We’ll place a harness around your hips to secure you. The device will move slightly to create the desired changes. Dr. Edwards remains beside you throughout the procedure. You shouldn’t feel pain. You may feel a stretching feeling in your spine. Many times, patients feel better after one or more treatments. We’re happy to help you learn more about this procedure and whether it can help you to find pain relief.

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