Back Pain

Causes of chronic back pain range from sciatica (compression of the sciatic nerve), spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease to spinal subluxation (vertebral misalignment) and arthritis. To ensure you are receiving the appropriate back pain treatment, Dr. Edwards will evaluate your symptoms, determine the exact location of your pain, and examine your back, neck, and shoulders before developing a personalized, chiropractic treatment program.

Back Pain

Chiropractic Adjustments for Back Pain

An adjustment involves gently manipulating spinal vertebrae back into their normal positions. Misalignment of the spine may occur without causing immediate symptoms, especially when misalignment happens due to stress, aging or performing daily activities. Vertebral subluxation due to physical trauma almost always produces rapid onset of pain and may reduce your range of motion.

Chiropractic adjustments relieve nerve compression caused by vertebrae pressing on nerves extending out of the spine. If you are diagnosed with a bulging or herniated disc, an adjustment will also remove pressure on nerves by adjusting vertebrae so that bulging discs are no longer irritating nerves and nerve endings.

Spinal Decompression for Back Pain Relief

By increasing space between vertebrae, spinal decompression removes nerve compression and stops bulging discs from inflaming nearby nerves. Spinal decompression involves a special traction table to move your body in a way that naturally stretches the spine to provide quick back pain relief. If your doctor has recommended surgery for a herniated disc, decompression may offer a nonsurgical alternative for successfully treating herniated discs.

Corrective Exercise Therapy for Back Pain

When used in conjunction with adjustments and/or spinal decompression, corrective exercises help decrease chronic pain, strengthen muscles weakened by inflammation and relieve strain on your lumbar (lower) spine.

Lumbar stabilization using corrective exercise therapy is a powerfully effective method for increasing flexibility, gaining control over movements involving your spine and potentially reducing your risk of suffering future back pain or back injuries. In addition, we offer lifestyle advice to further support recovery from back pain caused by spinal misalignment, disc degenerative disorder or spinal stenosis.

If you suffer from chronic back pain and are tired of taking medications that only provide temporary relief, schedule a consultation with Dr. Edwards today.

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